Veteran actors arjun and Vishwak Sen collaborated on a film, which the former directed. It was stopped, and arjun claimed that Vishwak Sen's impolite actions had interfered with his film. Although Vishwak Sen remained silent at the time, the actor has now disclosed the events leading up to the issue.

Vishwak Sen questioned whether the same thing would have occurred to a hero with a "legacy" or a "family" in response to a query concerning his disputes with Arjun. "I did not walk out or cancel the shoot," stated Vishwak Sen. All I wanted to do was postpone the shoot for a day to gain some perspective. He came to my house and asked to see my mother and father for that. I didn't even respond to it since I didn't want to drag it out. I no longer responded to such things. A lousy movie is not as horrible as one bad day.

I have no one to answer to. I have given twice as much as I have gotten. I've made amends and am no longer burdened by it. Here, I was the one who was defamed, and I was powerless to stop it. If you don't know your past, you'll be handled differently. If any hero with a background had not experienced the tv channel event or the shoot cancellation occurrence. I'm simply a simple mark. "I have nothing at stake," declares Vishwak Sen.

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