Reportedly salman khan and kareena kapoor Khan starrer bajrangi bhaijaan was a huge hit at the box office. The film was loved by all genres. It was directed by Kabir Khan. However many did not know that it was first offered to SS Rajamouli. Shocked! reading this but this is true. Pinkvilla mentioned that the script of bajrangi bhaijaan was penned by SS Rajamouli’s father K. V. Vijayendra Prasad.

Recalling the incident, vijayendra prasad said, “While I was narrating the script of bajrangi bhaijaan to my son, he had become teary-eyed. I had asked him if I should keep the story for him or whether I should give it away, and he told me to give it to someone else. Later when bajrangi bhaijaan was released, he came to me and said, ‘You asked me at the wrong moment. I was utterly tensed about shooting for the climax of Baahubali so I said no, in haste. If you had asked me just 10 days earlier or 10 days later, I would have said Yes’.”

On the work front, salman khan was last seen in tiger 3 with katrina Kaif. salman has a few projects in the making. His brother sohail khan recently confirmed that salman would dive into the making of ‘Sher Khan’ next year. Speaking exclusively with News18 Showsha, Sohail revealed that he was planning on taking ‘Sher Khan’ to floors in 2025.

Talking about why he had to put the film on the backburner earlier, Sohail said, “That’s (VFX) one area where technology is growing by bounds. Every time we would finish the scripting of Sher Khan, I would watch another Marvel film and that used to make me feel backdated in terms of what I’ve written and how I want the action to be. I knew that by the time the film comes out, it would look backdated.”

Salman will also reportedly collaborate with Shah Rukh Khan in YRF’s tiger vs Pathaan.

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