When anupama parameswaran appeared in Rowdy Boys, she stunned everyone. Up until Rowdy Boys, anupama parameswaran maintained her adorable persona. Then, with Tillu Square, she turned up the heat, leaving everyone in wonder. Tillu Square was meant to be released a long time ago, but for a variety of reasons, it was postponed. The recently published trailer for the film, which was released on 29th March, focused attention on Anupama. The female made a dramatic avatar appearance, giving Tillu Square even more reason for anticipation.

In the midst of this, Anupama's two films were just released. One of Eagle featured Anupama in a supporting role with Raviteja as the major role. The usual job didn't benefit her. In tamil, Siren 108 is the other one. For a short period, Siren plays Anupama alongside jayam Ravi, who plays the principal part, and Keerthy Suresh, who plays the police officer.

The film did not receive much notice in tamil either, and it is currently unknown when it will be released in Telugu. Flop films and cameos appear to have no bearing at all on the current frenzy Anupama is experiencing ahead of Tillu Square. anupama parameswaran will be in the top league and receive opportunities to work with famous heroes if Tillu Square is a commercial success.

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