Manjummel Boys smashes premam box office record..!?

Manjummel Boys, which is hitting the box office in tamil Nadu, has topped the box office in tamil Nadu. premam is the reason why malayalam films are gaining popularity in tamil Nadu. The film ran for 175 days in tamil Nadu as well as kerala and set a record. Due to the response of the tamil people to the film premam, malayalam films which are well received in kerala are being released continuously in tamil Nadu. Manjummel Boys is the latest movie released in that sequence. Directed by Chidambaram, the film is based on the true incident that took place in the Guna Cave in kodaikanal in 2006. When some youths from Kerala's Manjumel come to kodaikanal for a trip, only one of them gets trapped in the Guna Cave. The story of the film is about how they rescued him. As the film is entirely set in tamil Nadu, it is getting a good response here.
Apart from that, while none of the recently released films in tamil are doing well, the Manjummel Boys film has been released here and is doing well. Due to this, the collection of the film is increasing day by day. Manjummel Boys movie has been made on a budget of just Rs.10 Crores. But the film has collected more than Rs 50 crore worldwide in the first week of its release.Especially in tamil Nadu alone, the film has collected Rs.3 crores. With this, Manjummel Boys has created the record of being the highest-grossing malayalam film in tamil Nadu. Among the earlier malayalam films released in 2018, the film collected Rs 2.25 crore, Hiridayam Rs 2.13 crore, and lucifer Rs 2.12 crore. Similarly, premam had collected Rs 2 crore when it was released in 2015. Apart from that, premam topped the list of highest-grossing malayalam films due to the overwhelming response to the film when it was recently re-released, but now Manjummel Boys has broken it.

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