Indian movie remake in hollywood for the first time..!?

Fans do not fail to celebrate films that come out with quality production along with excellent screenplay. Based on that, all the films made today are made as Pan india films and are taken to all classes of people. language is not a barrier to art and artists. It is a malayalam film that has made the audience applaud by telling a realistic story based on the incidents in the practical life of a person in such a way that the quality work will leave an impact on the hearts of the fans.

It is the 2013 malayalam film Drishyam directed by jeethu joseph starring mohanlal and Meena. Drishyam is a person who identifies himself as an illiterate and speaks out against the cruelties of society, but when it comes to his family, he tries to save his dependents in the way of dharma, keeping the law aside. It was produced by Aasirwad Cinemas owned by Mohanlal. A critical and box office hit, the film was remade in tamil and became a hit starring global heroes Kamal and Gautami. Following this, it was remade in many languages like tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and Sinhala and became a success at the box office.Due to the interesting nature of this screenplay, which made us think a little more about the state of the common man without any action or demonstration, it was remade in Chinese and Japanese languages beyond India. Now, an extra step to its glory is becoming the first indian film to be remade in Hollywood. In hollywood, Culp Classic has acquired the rights from Mohanlal's Aasirwad Cinemas. mohanlal also plans to remake and release in more than 10 languages in five years. The pride of india is spreading thicket!

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