Bala is famous among people for directing films with different storylines in tamil cinema. The movie Vanagan is currently being made under his direction. Suriya was originally going to play the hero in this. Later, after he withdrew, bala completed the film by replacing him with arun vijay as the hero. Produced by suresh Kamatshi, the film is gearing up for release.

Director Bala

Meanwhile, a controversy arose as actress Mamita Biju walked out of the film after the director beat her while acting in the film Vanangaan. After that, the actress explained about it. bala said that he did not beat him and that he was very polite. Seeing the news of bala assaulting the actress, Blue Shirt Maran has posted a different level of meme.

In that meme, director bala mentioned that if he directs a film starring telugu actor balayya, both of them will attack each other at the shooting spot. netizens who have seen this are commenting that this is really a different level combo. Some people are expressing their desire to cast Sivakumar in the role of the father and Mansoor ali Khan as the villain in the film.

And some people are teasing that if only such a film is made, either bala or balayya will definitely be in ICU. Some people are thinking that this is a good combo, whether the movie is released and updated or not, the news will definitely come in the news paper. This post of Blue Shirt Maran is going viral on X site

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