The much-anticipated telugu release of the runaway smash "Premalu" is coming up this weekend, and while some urban audiences have already seen the malayalam version with english subtitles, many telugu fans are looking forward to the dubbed version. And now for an intriguing teaser. The malayalam film industry is doing well so far in 2024; in the first two months, four films have been significant box office hits. Premalu, the highest-grossing mollywood release of 2024 thus far, is one of them.
It appears that SS karthikeya will not only release the telugu version in a fair and straightforward manner, but will also launch a full-scale marketing campaign for it. According to rumours, the movie's heroes and heroine, Naslen and Mamitha, as well as the rest of the cast and crew, would be marketing it hard this week. Given that karthikeya is well-known for creating the advertising campaigns for several of his father's films, it appears that the film will have a significant release this coming Friday.

However, despite fierce competition on march 8th from Gopichand's commercial entertainment Bheema and Vishwaksen's distinct picture Gaami, it appears that the rom-com genre will benefit "Premalu" at the telugu box office. watch what transpires.

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