Suriya missed Minnele's film opportunity

Minnale: Wasn't madhavan the first choice to play the hero in Minnale... Is he the actor who missed a good chance?

Let's see about the actor who missed the chance to play the hero in the successful Minnelli directed by gautham Menon.

Gautham menon, who worked as an assistant director to director Rajeev menon, made his directorial debut with Minnele. madhavan played the hero in the movie which was released in the year 2001. The film opposite him became a blockbuster hit with Reema Sen. The movie got a huge response, especially among lovers. Thus Minnale appeared in the list of evergreen romantic films.

The songs of the film are also a major reason for the success of Minnele. music composer Haris Jayaraj made his debut through this film. harris was widely talked about among the fans with his songs in the first film. The songs of Minnele are still celebrated by fans. harris has captivated fans with such soulful music.

Minnele was a big breakthrough for actor Madhavan. But can you believe me when I say that madhavan was not originally meant to play the hero in the film? But that's the truth. Suriya was the first to play the hero in the film. menon -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>gautham menon also came from the idea of shooting this story with Suriya.

He tells the story of Minnele to Suriya's father Shivakumar. Hearing the story, Sivakumar was not satisfied, so he said no. After that, menon -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>gautham menon made the film with Madhavan. It is worth noting that although Suriya missed Minnele's film opportunity, he acted in mass hit films like Kakka Kakka and Varanam Ayaar directed by gautham Menon.

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