Arun Vijay went to the market with his son and bought fish!

Arun Vijay: "Sema simple sir you are not".. arun vijay went to the market with his son and bought fish!

Actor Arun Vijay: Famous actor arun vijay has acted in the movie Vanangaan directed by director Bala. The film will be released soon.

Actor arun vijay purchasing fish in the market his son's photos viral on the internet

Vijayakumar is the oldest actor who has been traveling in tamil cinema for more than 60 years. Famous actor arun vijay is the son born to his elder wife Muthu Kannu. He made his debut in the tamil film industry with the movie "Math Mappillai" which was released in the year 1995.

It is noteworthy that the film "Math Mappillai" is Sundar C's second film. arun vijay has been a leading star in the tamil language for the past 30 years but has acted in limited films. Especially since last year 2012, he did not act in any movie for about 3 years.

The 2015 movie "Ennai Aindaal" starring popular actor Thala ajith gave him a very big reception. After that, films like Crime 23, Thaadam, Mafia, Yanai Chinam, and Mission became hits for him. Currently, she is acting in a movie called Vananaan directed by famous director Bala.

In this case, arun vijay went to the fish market with his son in an auto without any luxury of an actor and bought fish from the poor traders. These photos are now being widely shared on social media. It is noteworthy that arun vijay travels without any kind of demonstration when traveling in public.

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