Aadhi - Nikki Galrani: Queeta is a shy wife. aadhi admires her. Is nikki galrani pregnant?

As star couple Aadi-Nikki Galrani's photos are going viral on the internet, fans are questioning if Nikki is pregnant.

Actor Adi Pinishetti is the son of popular telugu director ravi Raja Pinishetti. Adi made his debut as a hero in the telugu film industry with the film Oka v Chitram. Following this, he made his debut in the tamil film industry with the film Mrigam.

Usually, heroes choose a different character to take their career to the next level on screen. But Adi grabbed attention by playing a different role in his very first film.

Later, Adi attracted the attention of the fans by acting in many films including Eram, Ayyanar, Aravan, Yagavarayinum Na Kakka, and Maragatha Nayanam. He has acted in many films in telugu as well as in Tamil. With this, Aadi has a considerable fan following in tamil and Telugu.

In this environment, he fell in love with and married Nikki Kalrani, who acted with him in the films Yagavaraiinum Na Kakka and Maragatha Nayanam. Their marriage was held grandly in 2022.

The star couple Aadi and Nikki who are active on social media keep their fans happy by posting their pictures from time to time.

In that way, Adi-Nikki posted the latest photoshoot photos on their instagram page. In our little world.. Nicky posted. In it, Adi admires Kyuta's blushing Nikki.

In this photo, Nicki's belly looks a little bigger, so fans who saw the couple's cute photos are questioning whether Nicki is pregnant. However, whether she is pregnant will be confirmed only after the couple makes an official announcement.

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