"Shamita is not my daughter-in-law.. my daughter" - Veteran music composer Ganesh who made his son Sreekumar dazzle!

Musician Ganesh: shankar and Ganesh are the most memorable musical duo in the tamil film industry. Many excellent songs have been released in their music.

Ganesh has been one of the best music composers in the tamil film industry since 1967. A musical duo, shankar and Ganesh worked as assistants to noted music composer MS Viswanathan and later began composing music for films. In 1986, a parcel arrived at the home of composer Ganesh, which contained a bomb. His hands and eyes were seriously injured when it exploded. Not only this, it is noteworthy that when rajiv gandhi was killed by a human bomb in 1991, Ganesh was near the ceremony stage.

Meanwhile, his son Sreekumar is currently busy acting in small-screen dramas. Similarly, Sreekumar's wife and actress Shamita is also currently acting in plays. Shamita and Sreekumar got married in 2009. As a surprise to Samitha, who was currently participating in a public function, an audio of her father-in-law and composer Ganesh's speech was shown to her. It was shown to him. "My daughter-in-law Shamita is the one who forgets that she is an actress and thinks that all the work at home is her job."

"My son Sri is the gift he has made, our family is a blessing. I only call her my daughter-in-law, but she is my daughter and she treats me like that. She takes care of me, my son, and my family very well," said the actor who was listening to this from nearby. Sri and actress Shamita were stunned.

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