His blood made this villain's life hell…?

Whenever people who are fond of films watch a film, they catch the nuances of it. Like which actor did the best acting in it, even if it was the role of a villain. There was one such actor in the 90's, when he came on screen as a villain, people used to understand that something bad was going to happen. people used to get scared as soon as he appeared on the screen. However, in real life, the villains in that actor's life were his family members.

Yes, we are talking about South actor Ponnambalam, whom you have seen as a villain in some hindi films also. He has shared some bitter truths of his life, knowing which you will also shudder. Let us tell you some painful stories from the life of actor Ponnambalam.

Ponnambalam Family Background

Ponnambalam was born on 11 november 1963 in an ordinary tamil family. According to reports, Ponnambalam's father had married four times and from all four marriages, ponnambalam had a total of 11 brothers and sisters. Ponnambalam's childhood was spent in poverty and hence he could not get education. He started working here and there from an early age. Ponnambalam's childhood was very difficult and there was a lot of difficulty in eating and drinking.

Ponnambalam married Yogalakshmi in the 90's and is still with her. They have two daughters and one son. According to reports, one of their daughters works in a government job, the other is a doctor and their son Gajendra Kumar is a lawyer. ponnambalam worked hard in his career and educated his children well who are working in good places today.

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