I want Meena! Did Kannahaki make the 63-year-old actor look ugly? Boiling fans

It is said that the 63-year-old actor tried to cast the actress Meena, who is still charming the fans even at the age of 47, as the heroine, but meena refused to accept the offer.


Famous actress meena acted as a child star in tamil cinema in the 80s and later became a heroine. She made her telugu debut as the heroine in the 1990 film 'Navayugam', followed by the heroine in the tamil film 'Oru Nayya Kaathi' in the same year.

 Although the first film was a moderate success, his subsequent films like 'En Rasavin Manasile' and 'Ejamaan' were well received by the fans. Rajinikanth - Meena's combo in the first film, though met with some criticism, won over many fans.

After this, Meena, who joined the list of leading actresses in a very short time, acted with many leading actors like Ajith, Kamal, Arjun, Vijayakanth, Sathyaraj, etc. After crossing the age of 30, his market started to decline. So she married vidya Sagar, a groom seen by her parents at home, and re-entered after the birth of her daughter Nainika.

Meena has been acting in Malayalam, telugu, and other languages with emphasis on the story, opposite leading actors. She was last seen in the tamil film Annatha starring Superstar Rajinikanth. Following this, he is currently acting in a film called Rowdy Baby.

In this case, when actor Ramarajan sent a messenger to commit her to his film, a report spread on social media that meena had made her look ugly by saying that she could not act.

After many years of pretending that he would act as a hero, Ramarajan has once again taken on the role of a hero with the film 'Samanian'. The film has been shooting for over a year and is yet to release. Ramarajan has also said that he will act again under the direction of the director of the film.

He has also been roped in to act in a film called 'Utthaman' directed by newcomer director Karthi. As Ramarajan will be playing a lawyer in this film, Ramarajan decided that meena should act as his opposite and approached her through the director. But meena said that she cannot act in this film due to some reasons.

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