From sridevi to... amala Paul! Are there so many leading tamil actresses who got pregnant before marriage?

In this collection, we will see some tamil film actresses who got pregnant before marriage and later got hold of their lovers.

Sridevi debuted as a child star in the South indian film industry and later became a heroine. After becoming a leading heroine in South indian languages like tamil and telugu, actress sridevi, who moved to the bollywood industry, got a huge reception. sridevi, who is known as the lady superstar of the bollywood film industry, fell in love with the famous bollywood producer boney Kapoor... and got pregnant before marriage. It is noteworthy that when sridevi married boney kapoor, she was 7 months pregnant.


Sarika is an actress from mumbai who fell in love with world hero kamal haasan and got married. Sarika, who was living in a live-in relationship with kamal haasan, got married to kamal haasan only after she became pregnant, knowing that kamal haasan was already married to vani Ganapathy.

Amy Jackson:

Amy made her debut as a heroine in the tamil film Madarasapattinam and later acted in several films like Ai, Ajvamnala Pattadhari, 2.0, Theri, etc. She was living in a live-in relationship with her longtime boyfriend, George Panayudu when she suddenly became pregnant. After the birth of the child, the two were only engaged, but the two separated before the wedding.

 Actress Ileana:

Ileana made her debut as a heroine in the tamil film 'KD' and later starred opposite leading heroes in several telugu films. She last acted in tamil opposite Thalapathy Vijay in Nanban and then turned her attention to Bollywood. While she was living in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend, she announced that she would be pregnant in 2022. She confirmed the information that she got married after getting pregnant while she had a son.

Amala Paul:

Actress amala Pal, who was already in love with and married director AL Vijay and got divorced from him, fell in love with and married her long-time friend Jagat Desai last year. It was revealed later that she was two months pregnant before marriage.

Alia Bhatt:

Famous bollywood actress alia bhatt fell in love with bollywood actor ranveer singh and got married in 2022. She disclosed that she was four months pregnant 2 months after her marriage. It was only after this announcement that alia Bhatt's pregnancy came to the attention of the fans

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