SAREGAMAPA: 12,000 participating mega auditions... It begins with it.

One of the renowned reality shows in Zee tamil has released a major update on the fourth season of the Sarikamapa show. Zee tamil is one of the leading television channels in tamil film. One of the most popular reality shows that airs on this television channel. The show has been a platform for many common people's dreams and their music skills.

This is the biggest turning point in the life of Rockstar Ramaniamma, Wow Karthik, Purushothaman, Nagarjun, Lakshna, Asani and Priyan. The fourth season of the april 27th, april 27, is to be launched. In this case, there are many of interesting information about the mega audition of the event and the selection of competitors. Auditions have been conducted in various places for 75 days for this season. A total of 12,000 people participated in the audition, according to Fields. There are reports that 50 of these 12,000 talented competitors have been selected for the mega audition. Srinivas, Vijay Prakash, Sindhavi, swetha Mohan, and  K. S. ravikumar were also present. K. S ravikumar has shared the experience of directing 49 films. It has been revealed that the first two weeks will be aimed at the mega audition round and that talented people will be selected for the event. This time, many people from many countries, including Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Switzerland, have been active in the audition as only people in india are interested in participating in the audition. It is also reported that people with a variety of family backgrounds, such as paint, tile, and post Woman, have participated in this mega audition. This is expected to change and happiness in the lives of many people. Miss the Sarikamaba Season 4 at 7 pm on saturday and sunday 27th

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