Shankar's action at any wedding! Rajini did this for the first time and was amazing!                                                                                                                 

The news of journalist surprised everyone that Rajinikanth had done an act which has never been done at any wedding before, at the wedding of aishwarya Shankar, the elder daughter of the great director Shankar. In tamil cinema, shankar made his directorial debut in 1993 with the super hit film 'Gentleman' starring Arjun, Madhubala, Manorama, Goundamani and others. After more than 30 years since the release of this movie, KT Gunjumon is producing the second part of the movie with a different director. Following this film, he directed several films like Prabhu Deva-Nakma starrer Valanthan, Kamal Haasan's indian, Prashant-Aishwarya Rai starrer Jeans, Multuvan, Boyz, Stranger, Enthiran, 2.0, etc. director Shankar, who has finished directing indian 2, is showing interest in directing the third part of the film. It has been reported that indian 2 will release in June. Similarly, telugu actor ram charan has finished directing a film called 'Game Changer', which is slated to release soon.

 After completing indian 3, the bollywood actor is going to do a film with Ranveer Singh. The preliminary work of the film is going on. Despite having a stable position in the film industry, director shankar has been lamenting over the past few years that his elder daughter's life is not going well. In this case, he has married his daughter for the second time. aishwarya Shankar's wedding took place in chennai on april 15 in a grand manner, with the entire kollywood film industry congratulating the bride and groom. Superstar Rajinikanth also attended the wedding. At that time, a famous journalist said that Shankar's daughter had given him away and he had done something that had never been done before in any wedding ceremony. This means that Rajinikanth usually avoids eating at any wedding he attends. But shankar prayed so much that he ate and left.

Similarly, shankar has a habit. He would go to any wedding without any discrimination and would eat at everyone's wedding. Consider it a debt of gratitude to them. It is noteworthy that the journalist has also said this information

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