Mankatha: Re-Relays Competition ... Kili is wrestling with Kili

Ajith's blockbuster hit film Mankatha has also been announced as a re-release as Vijay's Kili film is re-released.

Mankatha, Ghilli

Re-Relay Trend has increased in Kollywood. The films that have failed to be celebrated in the past have been re-released and have been welcomed. In particular, dhanush starred in aishwarya Rajinikanth's 3 movies during the release of the film. But when the film was re-released last year, the film received a similar welcome for the new films.


In addition, the classic hit films such as Vinayatandi Varavaya, 96, Yaradi Nee Mohini, Siva Manasula Shakti, Thirumalai, faint, and Re-relays. In addition, all the recently released tamil films have failed in a series, and the theaters have begun to stone with re-relay films. As a result, most of the films in tamil Nadu are being re-released.


2004, the film, which was released in 2004, is a blockbuster hit film, starring commander Vijay. The film is set to hit the screens on april 20. The reservation has begun and is in full swing. Thus the Gilly film is expected to set a collection in re-reil. Moreover, it is an additional strength because no new release was released on the day of the film.

Vijay, Ajith

It is Ajith's film. While the film is being re-released, Ajith's blockbuster hit film Mankatha has also announced that it will be re-released. Accordingly, the movie Mankatha has announced that actor Ajith's birthday will be re-released on May 1. There is a rivalry between the two films that is going to grieve at the box office. Wait and see who is going to win

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