Salman Khan "displays no signs of pressure"...

A few days following a shooting incident outside his home, salman khan, the actor, was seen on friday at the mumbai airport. He posted on instagram for the first time since the shooting outside his Bandra, Galaxy Apartment last week when he was in dubai for an event.  In the video he posted early on saturday, the actor talked from a balcony overlooking downtown dubai (Friday night in Dubai). salman khan talked about going to the karate event on saturday after stating he was in dubai for it. His outfit consisted of a black T-shirt. It said, "Hope to see you tomorrow," in the caption.

The actor shared his first instagram post since the sunday morning shooting outside his mumbai apartment, to which many people replied. "Salman Khan shows no sign of stress as he made this video in dubai," someone said, sharing Salman's video. Recently, there were gunshots at Salman's mumbai residence. As usual, Khan puts on a brave front. Bravo."

One of Salman's fans commented on his post, saying, "Lovely! What a huge star. I adore salman Khan's appearance." Also written was, "Bless you, bhai (brother)." "Stay safe, Salman!" exclaimed someone.

Salman departed from mumbai on Friday.

The actor arrived at the mumbai airport on friday with security surrounding him from all sides. Shera, his personal security, was also present. salman nodded distantly to the photographers positioned outside the airport gate while sporting a laid-back appearance. salman was departing from mumbai by plane for the first time since the gunshot incident.

Young people detained in relation to the salman khan case

Mumbai police claimed on friday that a 20-year-old was detained for using mobster lawrence Bishnoi's name to order a taxi from Salman's mumbai home. police say that the culprit is a 20-year-old Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh resident named Rohit Tyagi. The police added that it was discovered via their investigation that the accused had prank-booked the cab under lawrence Bishnoi's name.

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