Sid Sriram: siddharth sriram becomes the first South indian artist to perform at Coachella, shares happiness

Singer-songwriter siddharth sriram made a grand comeback at the Coachella Valley music and Arts festival in california for the second time on april 19. After leaving a lasting impression with their first performance the previous weekend, they gave a second performance on 19 April.

Siddharth Shri Ram's dream came true

Taking inspiration from his rich musical heritage, sriram mesmerized the audience by effortlessly blending Western pop and Carnatic music elements. Thirteen years ago, young siddharth sriram promised himself that he would perform at Coachella. Last weekend, his dream came true. sriram, who has sung over 250 songs on indian productions, is now 33 and has become the first South indian artiste to perform at the world-famous festival in the past few days.

Said this at the demonstration in Coachella

'I describe it as a beautiful hazy moment,' sriram said in an interview after his first performance. It felt like it just came and went.' His performance came just a year after punjabi singer and actor diljit dosanjh became the first indian to take the Coachella stage. Showcasing the musical diversity of the world's most populous country, sriram is bringing Karnataka-inspired music to the festival this year, with tunes emerging from the classical music tradition of South india but also incorporating elements of R&B, jazz, and indie rock. A mix of modern influences.

respect Carnatic music

Shriram says that he does not take this responsibility lightly. He further added, 'Carnatic music is very deep in the roots of being South indian and I feel honored to be able to showcase my perspective and version of being South Indian.' It was a very busy few months for Shriram. Along with their Coachella performance, they have spent the past few weeks playing packed shows in san francisco and Seattle as part of their world tour.

Siddharth Shriram's career

Born in Chennai, in the South indian state of tamil Nadu, sriram moved to the Bay Area of california when he was young. When he was three years old, he started singing Carnatic music—one of the two main subgenres of indian classical music. Unlike many indian families of that time, his parents were extremely supportive of his career path. His mother and grandfather have been his music teachers. His father is also his manager now.

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