Romeo: "Don't turn Romeo into a love of Shiva. The blue shirt that criticizes and kills" - Vijay Antony's Plaar recording!

Vijay Antony: Romeo is a movie released worldwide on april 11th starring famous actor vijay antony and actress Mrinalini. The movie has been well received by the people. vijay antony made his debut as a music composer in the 2005 film "Sukran" in the tamil film world. It is noteworthy that he has composed music for many good movies in the tamil film world over the last 19 years. In this context, vijay antony made his debut in the tamil film industry as a hero with the film "Naan" released in the year 2012 under the direction of director Jeeva Shankar. His movies have had a separate muse till now. While his film "Romeo" was already released on april 11 this year, films including "Agni Chiragul", "Hitler", "Khaki" and "Valli Mayil" are slated to release by the end of this year. Vijay Antony, who is a busy director, actor, and music composer, is currently releasing a post on his instagram page. Many good films are wrongly criticized and killed by Mr. He has said that he is writing this letter to some people like Blue Shirts. vijay antony appealed to the intellectuals who believe everything they say to be true and do not celebrate good films like Romeo and criticize tamil cinema. Romeo is a good film my dear people, go and see it in the theatre. Don't make Romeo your love."

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