Aditi shankar shines appropriately in the glamor of Akka's Haldi show! Viral photos!

Aditi shankar has now released the photos taken by her sister during her Haldi event, which is going viral.As director Shankar's daughter aishwarya and tarun karthik got married recently, the entire film industry attended their wedding and surprised the couple. Especially tamil Nadu chief minister Mukherjee Stalin, superstar Rajinikanth, global hero Kamal Haasan, Ajith's wife Shalini, Vijay's wife Sangeeta, Mani Ratnam, Suriya, Karthi, vikram and many others attended. As his daughter Aishwarya's previous marriage ended in divorce within a year, shankar oversaw his second marriage. While it was reported that tarun karthik was Shankar's assistant... After the marriage, tarun explained that I did not work as an assistant director to my uncle. He said that he was running an IT company in America. However, due to his interest in cinema, he also shared the information that he worked as an assistant director to his family friend director Hari for a few months. While sharing photos from every event of her sister's wedding, Aditi Shankar's photos of her in a matching yellow dress at the Haldi show are going viral. Aditi shankar has now posted these photos and videos and within a few hours, it has accumulated around 2 lakh likes and hundreds of comments. Many people are saying that they did not expect Aditi shankar to be so attractive. It will not be surprising if Aditi chooses attractive roles in films from now on.

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