Kangana Ranaut To Quit Acting If She Wins Mandi Seat In lok sabha Polls 2024: 'Filmon Ki Ek Jhoothi Duniya Hai'

Actress kangana ranaut said she could leave films and start her political career if she wins the lok sabha elections.

Kangana Ranaut has made a daring statement: she would leave bollywood if she wins the election to the Mandi seat in the 2024 lok sabha Elections. A major turning point in Kangana's career might be her decision to leave bollywood for full-time politics. The actress-turned-politician, representing the bharatiya janata party (BJP), is fully immersed in her campaign efforts in her hometown of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

In a candid interview with Aaj Tak, kangana ranaut was asked about her plans if she wins the elections. She responded, indicating her intention to gradually step away from the film industry. "Ideally, I want to focus on one side. So, if I'm valued here (in politics), I would like to derive my focus on politics,” she said.

Kangana explained her decision saying, "I'm a very passionate person. I never wanted to do a job because I had to. Even in films I start writing, and when I get bored of playing a role, I direct or produce, so I have a very fertile mind and I want to be passionately engaged.”

She elaborated on the difference between politics and the film industry, "Filmon ki ek shoots Duniya hai. Ek light laga ke har cheez fake hai. Wig laga ke, makeup laga ke, ek alag sa environment banaya jata hai. Ek glossy duniya hai woh. Fake sets, ek bubble banaya jaata hai. Yeh (politics) vastavikta hai.”

Kangana Ranaut's upcoming project

On the work front, kangana is awaiting the release of her directorial project ‘Emergency’, which is based on the 1975-1977 period when former PM indira gandhi declared a state of emergency. The film has been postponed from its june release due to the elections. kangana portrays indira gandhi in this political drama. Additionally, she will feature in an untitled thriller with R. Madhavan.

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