"I was shocked to see Kanaka.. that incident affected him a lot" - Ramarajan spoke with heartbreak!

Actress Kanaka: The movie Karagatakkaran released in 1989 starring famous actor Ramarajan and famous actress Kanaka is a record-breaking film that ran for 425 consecutive days.

Famous actress Kanaka is the daughter of Devika who was the oldest actress in tamil cinema. Actress Kanaka was born in 1973 in chennai and is currently living alone in Chennai. Even though she has been in the industry for just 11 years, she has emerged as one of the leading actresses in the kollywood world.

Especially in 1989, the movie "Karakatakkaran" directed by Gangai Amaran, starring Kanaka along with actor Ramarajan, ran for about 425 days and created a great record. If you say that this is Kanaka's first film, no one will believe you so easily. He would have given such a fine performance.

He acted continuously in three languages tamil, telugu and Malayalam. In this situation, his mother Devika died in 2002 and after that he completely quit acting in films. After that, many directors invited him to come back to the film industry, but he did not come to act.

In this context, actor Ramarajan, who is currently back on the field as a hero, was asked about Kanaka. I was participating in a film shoot recently and someone came and said Kanaka has come to see you. I also got curious and asked a lady sitting there where Kanaka was.He smiled and said, I am Kanaka, don't you know? he asked. I was shocked to see him who had put on a lot of weight and had a red tie on his head. I couldn't speak after that.. He said that his mother's death had shocked him.

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