'I will leave the party if I...', statement of Shekhar Suman!!!

shekhar suman has recently joined BJP. Although earlier also the 'Hiramandi' actor had contested the lok sabha seat from patna Sahib on congress ticket but lost to bjp candidate Shatrughan Sinha. Then three years later, Shekhar resigned from the Congress. At the beginning of this month, he joined bjp amidst the voting for lok sabha elections in the country. However, he has no plans to leave acting and become a full-fledged politician. Now Shekhar has created a stir with one of his statements.

Shekhar does not want to leave acting for politics

In fact, in a conversation with news 18, shekhar suman said, “I still want to be an actor who is part of politics so that it empowers me to do the kind of things that I want to do for my industry and my state. Am. I do not want to get involved in any political turmoil and debate, nor do I have any political ambitions. I am not a politician. I don't want to be in politics and still want to be in politics and do the kind of things I want to do.

Will leave the party if not able to meet targets

Shekhar did not say anything about the changes he wants to bring in the film industry through his political activities, but he did say that if he cannot achieve his goals, he will end the journey of BJP. . He said, “It is not that even if I am not able to give results, I will stop. I have set a deadline for myself and if I am not able to fulfill what I have promised myself, I will opt out. I have come here for a special reason – to serve. If I am unable to serve then there is no point in being there just for the sake of it. But when you come with so much positivity and determination, god also helps.

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