Guinness record holder... Kollywood's rare actress 'Achi' Manorama's birthday today

Actress Manorama, who has mixed in all the fields like comedy, character, and song, her film roles are indelible to the point of time.

Unforgettable cinematographer

Golochiyavar manorama not only in comedy roles but also in character roles.. manorama is a complete artiste who has added speciality in singing in different genres in music of different composers. Manorama's birthday is today

Manorama entered the film industry

Manorama was born in 1939 in Rajamannargudi, thiruvarur district to Kasiklakkudaiyar Ramamirthammal. His parents gave him the birth name Govindhammal.

Theater and film industry

He started acting in stage plays at the age of 12 due to family circumstances. She was given the name manorama when she became a theater actress. Manorama, the play 'Yar Makan' was his first play.

He has acted in the play 'Velaikari' written by Arijar Anna, and with him in the plays 'Shivaji Kanda Hindu Samrajyam' and 'Or Rathu'. He has acted in more than 5 thousand plays. Following this, he entered the cinema in 1958 with the film "Malayaitta Mangai".

Manorama mixed in a comedy role

It was poet Kannadasan who brought him to cinema. In the first film, he played a comedy role. During that period, comedian manorama appeared with Nagesh, leaving the theater in a frenzy of laughter. He has acted in six language films namely tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, hindi and Sinhala.

Jill, Jill Ramamani

The character "Jil jil Ramamani" played by manorama along with sivaji ganesan and padmini in Dillana Mohanambal was very popular at that time. This is the name of the character Kannamma played by manorama in the movie "Samsaram Athu Dilikum". Despite acting in films, the character of Kannamma is unforgettable in Manorama's films.

An unshakable personality in the film industry

Manorama, popularly known as 'Aachi' by the tamil film industry and fans, is an actress who has achieved an indelible reputation in the indian film industry for her huge achievements. His versatility like superb acting skills, clear dialogue delivery and singing in a melodious voice made him an unshakable personality in the film industry for nearly half a century.

A manorama that can't be forgotten even if it disappears

Apart from tamil, manorama has acted in more than 1000 films in Telugu, Malayalam, hindi and has held a Guinness World Record. manorama passed away on 10th october 2015 as the timeless beloved Achi. Even though manorama is gone, people will never forget his performance.

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