The Golden Visa for the famous glamorous actress

The Golden Visa, which has been given to a few celebrities, including Rajinikanth, Vijay Sethupathi, Arunvijay, parthiban and Trisha, is now available to a glamorous actress.

komal sharma

Actress Komal Sharma, who made his debut in the law directed by SA Chandrasekaran in tamil, has since acted in many films including Vaigai Express, Shot Boot Three and Public. mohanlal in malayalam for the first time in the film 'Baros', which will be released soon.

Actress Komal Sharma

At this juncture, the United Arab Emirates government has now honored Komal Sharma with a Golden Visa. This Golden Visa has been given to Komal Sharma, considering his talent, commitment and contribution in the entertainment industry. Iqbal Marconi, CEO of X Digital, which plays a key role in the Golden Visa Project, presented the Golden Visa to Komal Sharma.

In the tamil film industry, only a few stars including superstar Rajinikanth, Vijayseedupathi, Arunvijay, Parthiban, Trisha, Amalapal, Nazriya and Roylakshmi have received this Golden Visa.

Komal Sharma, who expressed his happiness about the Golden Visa, said, “The greatest joy in such honor is. Thank you to the United Arab Emirate government for now giving me this Golden Visa, which has been given to very few stars in the tamil film industry.

Golden Visa for Komal Sharma

 Tamil Nadu, dubai can be proud to be another house. I feel that my responsibilities are even greater because of such honor. This will be the driving force to do many more good things. I will try to do what you can do for others.

Golden Visa with Komal Sharma

The United Arab Emirates, which have merged seven cities, including dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, introduced the Golden Visa Scheme in 2019. Accordingly, this visa is valid for ten years. They will automatically be updated for the next ten years. The United Arab Emirates government is offering such a special concession to only a few people who have achieved a particular field.

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