Actress Sai Tanashika's little age Quit photo has been released on the social website ...

Other state actresses like Kerala, andhra pradesh and other state actresses in the kollywood film industry are rare for tamil Nadu actresses. Only a few have crossed many interruptions and rise as leading actresses. It is also possible to see others leaving the world at the speed of the time.

Accordingly, Sai Tanashika from thanjavur district ... Due to her interest in the modeling department from her college period, he initially set foot in a modeling industry and then started looking for the opportunity to act.

Although he did not have the opportunity to play the heroine in 2006, he had the opportunity to play small roles. Sai Tanshika, who started acting in films like 'Mindful Rainy', 'Forgotten Considering', 'Stir' and 'Color', then set foot in the kannada film industry.Sai Tanshika starred as one of the four actresses in 'Paramarama' starring actor jayam Ravi. Following this, arun vijay started acting as a heroine in 'Manja Velu' opposite Vijay.

Sai Tanshika Aravan, who was interested in selecting and acting in the vicious stories, chose unique stories like Paradesi. The films were well received by his performance. Sai Dhanshika, who joined the growing number of actresses, has played the heroine in films like 'Ya Ya' and 'Open Sisa', but the films have failed to get the expected welcome as the story has been cast.Later in 2016, he acted as the daughter of Rajinikanth in the film 'Kabali' starring director Ba Ranjith. Critics praised the film that Rajini had enough action scenes.

Although Sai Tanshika has acted in several successive films, the fact is that there is no such thing as her hand. Sai Tanashika, who has been posting a variety of photo shoot photos for the film's opportunity, is preparing to give her quality Kambak film. It is also said that he is listening to many stories. Actress Sai Tanashika, who is 35 years old, has now been released and has attracted the attention of fans. Fans have reported that Sai Tanshika is a semi -cuddle with big eyes.

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