NTR, who was born on May 28, 1923, in Nimmakuru, a tiny hamlet in present-day andhra pradesh, intended to be a lawyer and studied law, according to a Money Control report. According to The Print, he qualified for public service in the then-Madras Presidency of british India. However, ntr entered the film business to pursue his passion for acting. He debuted in 1949 with the telugu film Mana Desam.
NTR grew in popularity, saw a meteoric ascent, and eventually became a major actor in the telugu cinema industry. His accomplishments on the silver screen garnered him a devoted following. He had a distinct language delivery and interpretation of mythological and historical characters.

The experienced actor has appeared in 302 films and performed a variety of roles. The list of films also contains several tamil and hindi films. After experiencing professional setbacks in the late 1960s and early 1970s, he returned in the late 1970s with key singles such as Adavi Ramudu, Yamagola, and Vetagadu.

Political Journey
In 1982, the actor made a daring political move by founding the telugu Desam organization (TDP), a regional political organization in andhra pradesh dedicated to fighting for the rights of telugu speakers. NTR's magnetism as a result of his film career and devotion to social justice helped the tdp gain tremendous public support.

A year after forming the tdp, ntr led his party to a landslide win in the state elections, becoming Andhra Pradesh's chief minister. According to the money control report, his stint as chief minister from 1983 to 1989 was highlighted by several critical reforms and welfare programs, including the development of Anna Canteens, which supplied subsidized meals to the needy, as well as the execution of many pro-poor policy initiatives.

The renowned actor and politician's path from regular guy to superstar and, finally, chief minister of andhra pradesh speaks volumes about his incredible accomplishments and the influence he had on people's lives. ntr died away in 1996.



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