Was Darshan present during Renuka Swamy murder? 

kannada actor Darshan is in the headlines these days. Darshan has been arrested by mysore police in Renuka Swamy murder case. Darshan was arrested by mysore police from his farmhouse. An accused in the Renuka Swamy murder case had named Darshan, after which the police took Darshan into custody. karnataka police has shared a CCTV video on social media in which a car is seen which is allegedly Darshan's. It is not yet clear in this video whether Darshan was in the car at that time or not.

This CCTV video is of june 9. In which a car is seen which is said to have Renuka's body and people close to Darshan sitting in it. Allegedly, this is the same car that was going to dispose of the body. A car is also seen in the video which is said to be Darshan's. However, it is not clear whether the actor was inside the car at that time or not. Let us tell you that Renuka Swami was found dead on 8 june 2024 on the Sumanahalli Bridge in Bengaluru. According to reports, he used to work at the Apollo Pharmacy branch in Chitradurga. According to police officials, Renuka used to send obscene messages to Darshan's friend Pavitra Gowad. Angered by this, Renuka Swami was murdered and her body was allegedly thrown into a canal in Kamakshipalya, Bengaluru in front of Darshan.

Darshan's name taken

The eight accused have blamed Darshan, claiming his presence during the attack on Renuka Swami. A wooden log was allegedly used to injure the victim. The criminals intended to dispose of the body in the Vrishabhavathi valley, but the body was found surrounded by dogs and molested. The case of unidentified body was initially registered on 8 June.

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