Vijay varma Talks About Public Interest In His Relationship With tamannaah Bhatia: ‘Shock Laga Ki…’

Vijay varma talked about his relationships and dating life with actress tamannaah Bhatia.

Vijay varma has recently made news, thanks to his newest web series, ‘Mirzapur Season 3’, which is available on amazon Prime Video. Along with Vijay's professional success, his fans are always eager to know about his personal life. The actor is currently dating actress tamannaah Bhatia and he recently spoke about it in detail. 

Recently, Vijay varma talked about his relationships and dating life with Mashable India, specifically touching on his time with tamannaah Bhatia. "Shock laga ki itna logon ko interest hai is mein but I got used to it now. Pehle aisa laga ki meri film release se badi news hai so that was a big revealing of how people see things.  (I used to be shocked by how much interest there was in our relationship. Initially, I felt that it was bigger news than my film being released),Vijay said, reflecting on the public's fascination with his relationship. 

According to Vijaythey "enjoythe public's interest despite the unexpected attention. He related an intriguing anecdote from their trip, saying that they were brought together by fate when they "crossed paths at the same time." 

Vijay also complimented Tamannaah's language abilities, saying, "So mujhe bohot interesting lagta hai hum dono ka (I find our connection quite interesting).He went on to mention that tamannaah is fluent in telugu and Tamil.

Vijay varma and Tamannaah Bhatia's relationship 

Vijay varma and tamannaah bhatia first worked together on the ‘Lust Stories 2’ anthology series, and their relationship started from thereVijay said that they were "professionalduring the shooting and that their connection flourished after the shoot. At a small wrap-up party, when only four people showed up, he asked tamannaah out, and their love story started after the series concluded. 

One of the best parts of ‘Lust Stories 2’ was their chemistry on Sujoy Ghosh's feature.

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