A discussion has started in the party regarding this matter. It is known that the bjp national executive committee meetings were held in hyderabad for three days. narendra modi is in hyderabad for these three days. Since it is a prestigious meeting of the party, there was a lot of hype that some key leaders from other parties would join the party in the presence of Modi.

BJP mainly targeted leaders from congress trs parties to recruit them into their party. Scheduled elections are approaching. At the same time, everyone knows the campaign that early elections are wrong.
It is in this context that the leaders of the bjp have also made very strong efforts to bring the leaders of the above two parties into the party. In the presence of Modi, many leaders are said to be interested in joining the party.Apparently only former mp Konda Vishweshwar reddy joined the party. The names of people like komati reddy Rajagopal reddy of the congress were widely publicized. Also, some MLAs in trs have been campaigning that ex-ministers and ex-MLAs are sure to join BJP. Many of the leaders of the ruling party, who doubt that they will get tickets in the next election, are sure to cover themselves with the lotus party scarf.But the campaign is different from the fact that it happened. bjp leaders are in regular touch with around 100 leaders from the above two parties. Many of them have been assured that they will get tickets in the next election.Because there are no strong candidates in many constituencies to contest on behalf of BJP. That's why bjp is looking for strong candidates to contest. The three day meetings were different. This is where the campaign started as if the bjp had miscalculated. Where did the lotus party miscalculate?

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