One is a party belonging to a person who has been in power for fifteen years. The other is a party that has been in power for more than fifteen years. The leaders of the two parties were friends in the early days. Started traveling politically at once. Continued in the same party. After that they established their own parties. Their role in politics has been crucial for the past four and a half decades. Will they get back together? That means the signs are coming.

 Run separately Lalu prasad Yadav Nitish Kumar's special position in bihar politics. Both of them, who played a key role in the anti-Emergency movement four and a half decades ago, later entered direct politics. Janata Dal became important leaders. But in 1995, Lalu broke away and formed the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), while nitish kumar formed the Janata Dal (United). Both were elected CMs on behalf of their parties. On the other hand, during the period between 1990-2005, Lalu and his wife Rabridevi continued as CMs except for a short time in between 2005 and Nitish Kumar. It means that power has been running between Lalu and Nitish for 35 years. These two parties are facing each other as the main rivals in the state elections. National parties like Congress, bjp are entering the fray in alliance with them. 

Looks like JDU RJD is going to merge. Discussion is going on in both the parties in this direction. The leaders of those parties are condemning it from above, but internally they are giving out signs of merger. Especially cm Nitish. He surprised everyone a few months ago, nitish kumar unexpectedly broke up with the BJP. Formed government with RJD. The reason behind this is his eye on national politics. Nitish's strategy is to bring all the opposition together and assume the post of Prime Minister. He also announced that deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav, the successor of RJD chief Lalu prasad Yadav, will lead the election in 2025 assembly elections. In the 2024 lok sabha elections, they are taking steps with the aim of winning more seats from the state and becoming a strong contender for the post of Prime Minister.

It is said that Nitish feels that instead of competing separately, if the JDU and RJD merge, they can become the biggest force in the state. Political sources believe that the strategy behind the RJD executive committee meeting held last october was the decision to hand over the power to change the party's election symbol to its leader Lalu. Some leaders in the RJD say that Nitish will head the new party that will emerge from the merger of the two parties. It is known that Nitish has announced that Tejashwi will run the bihar government if he goes to Delhi. He has repeatedly said that for a national alternative to the bjp to emerge in the 2024 lok sabha elections, a broad consensus among the opposition is needed.

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