The janasena party chief visited telangana on Tuesday. At Kondagattu in Jagityala district, worship was performed to his campaign vehicle 'Varahi'. Moreover, Anjana stood up and spoke on Varahi in the presence of Anjana. With this, it seems that the Jana Sena is ready for the next election campaign. But what is the rising Jana Sena doing in telangana in AP..? It is the suspense that has been going on for so long. But Pawan made interesting comments during his visit to Kondagattu. 

BRS is welcomed in Telangana. Does that mean you will put up with BRS..? Or are you not ready to contest in Telangana? pawan kalyan decided another thing during this trip to Kondagattu. He gave clarity that he will continue his alliance with bjp in the next elections. He also said that he will not let the anti-YCP votes split. That means there is a possibility that he will make an alliance with the telugu desam party as well. But tdp going with bjp in ap is ok. But when it comes to telangana, the situation is different. tdp alliance with bjp is not possible in Telangana. Because by saying that we welcome BRS, it is understood that he is a pink party.

But Jana Sena is looking to contest some seats in Telangana. But will BRS cooperate with that..? is a floating point. In this background, will the janasena leaders in telangana not contest..? Can't do that. If it completely joins the BRS side, there is no possibility of Jana Sena disappearing in this state. Therefore, there is a need to formulate a Jana Sena strategy here to protect the party cadre.

Especially if there are right leaders in the respective constituencies, they should try to keep them in the contest. Only if janasena contests in some seats, if not in all the seats in telangana, the fans and activists will come with Pawan. Otherwise Pawan will be treated like a normal politician. It is not known whether it is because of acting in movies or because he is learning new political skills. Pawan did not make any comments on BRS before coming to Kondagattu.

With this in view of Pawan's arrival, the fans created a ruckus by organizing janasena flexi. Some have declared themselves leaders in their areas. But after the Varahi Puja, he said that he was welcoming BRSH, and some were disappointed. Until then, those who thought that janasena contesting in telangana would benefit them are now sighing that there is no chance.

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