PM Modi slams rahul gandhi in Karnataka...

On Sunday, prime minister Narendra Modi criticized the foreign conference in karnataka over Congressman rahul Gandhi's comments about the country's democracy. No force in the world, according to prime minister Modi, can harm India's democratic traditions. rahul Gandhi's comments about the "danger to indian democracy" were described by prime minister Modi as an insult to Basaveshwara, a social reformer from the 12th century, the people of karnataka, India's great traditions, and its residents.

The assembly polls in karnataka are scheduled for May, and this is the prime minister's sixth trip there this year. "I feel blessed to have arrived in the land of Lord Basaveshwara," he exclaimed. The founding of the "Anubhav Mandap" is the most significant of Lord Basaveshwara's contributions. This democratic system has been studied all over the world, and for many reasons, we can say that india is not only the biggest democracy, but also the mother of democracy. 

India's democracy was questioned in London

Speaking to a crowd after opening the indian Institute of technology (IIT) Dharwad's permanent site, prime minister Modi said that he had the honor of revealing the statue of Basaveshwara in london a few years prior. In a subtle dig at Gandhi, Modi said, "It is unfortunate that in the same london, questions were raised on India's democracy, but there is a statue of Basaveshwara." Our long past has nurtured the foundations of indian democracy. India's democratic traditions cannot be harmed by any force in the globe. Despite this, some individuals continue to criticize it.

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