Karnataka Elections: Why Yeddyurappa matters to BJP?P1

BS Yeddyurappa has once again grown significantly essential for the bjp prior to the karnataka assembly elections.

BS Yeddyurappa was sworn in as the cm despite not having an absolute majority after the results of the karnataka assembly elections in 2018. He had to resign before the trust vote. Then congress and Janata Dal (Secular) formed the government together. However, this government did not last and HD Kumaraswamy's government fell due to the defection of its MLAs. bjp once again made Yeddyurappa the cm, but a few months before the elections, the chief minister was changed.

Now elections are going to be held in Karnataka. chief minister Basavaraj Bommai is the face of the government but bjp is not able to leave Yeddyurappa even if it wants to. PM Modi is praising Yeddyurappa from public forums. amit shah is going to Yeddyurappa's house and every possible effort is being made to keep him connected. This whole game is being played for the Lingayat votes of Karnataka. Let us understand it in detail.

Lingayat community angry with BJP?

Before the karnataka elections, bjp has included Yeddyurappa in the central core team. An appeal has been made to him from the Lingayat community not to harbor any ill will towards the bjp to remove him from power. prime minister Narendra Modi, Union home minister amit shah and Defense minister Rajnath Singh are openly praising Yeddyurappa and ensuring their presence with him. Sources said that the bjp has understood that the Lingayat community is angry due to Yeddyurappa being ignored by the party earlier.

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