Shaik Rizwanbasha, the municipal commissioner, has requested that the appropriate officials make daily arrangements for a steady supply of water. On Friday, Rizwanbasha inspected important water infrastructure facilities in the city while being accompanied by representatives from several departments. The crew went to the Shivnagar water tank and the Desaipet filter bed to evaluate the state of the drinking water supply.

The Commissioner asked questions regarding the water treatment capacity, daily processed water volume, daily water supply, and a number of elevated service reservoirs (ESRs) connected to the Desaipet filter bed during the inspection. He also went through the water release records for these ESRs and gave orders for authorities to follow the predetermined plan. Currently, 25 of the 33 Overhead service Reservoirs (OHSRs) located inside these filter beds have flow meters. To guarantee effective monitoring, we must put flow meters in the remaining OHSRs, he stated.

He emphasized the value of routine inspections carried out by linemen. Later, the head of the civic body went to the OHSR construction site in Puppalagutta and ordered the workers there to speed up their work so that it could be finished by the deadline.

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