A lady and a man of different religions were attacked by a crowd as they left an indore hotel after supper, according to the police. In a widely shared video of the event, which happened on friday night, a group of around 20 people surrounds the couple and confronts the Muslim girl, asking why she's dining with a Hindu man. While one of the mob members lectures the two about Islam, the girl is seen pleading with linked hands for them to be allowed to leave.

Rajesh Raghuvanshi, an additional deputy commissioner of police, stated that as the lady and man left the hotel after eating, the crowd pursued and encircled them and questioned the woman about why she was with a guy of a different faith. Raghuvanshi claims that the woman informed the crowd that she had alerted her parents about the supper.

In the meanwhile, he said, "two people who came to the couple's aid were hurt after one of them was stabbed with a knife by a member of the crowd." According to the police, a case was filed under section 307 of the IPC (attempt to kill), and seven defendants have been named thus far. Two of the accused, who are in the 23–26 age range, have been taken into custody, and attempts are being made to find and apprehend the remaining members of the crowd.

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