Dr. kishore Indukuri, a US returnee who is passionate about agriculture and was motivated by his agricultural grandparents, had a strong interest in dairy farming while looking at chances in the industry. He was motivated by a desire to solve the issue of subpar milk.

Sid's Farm, a dairy business devoted to bringing farm-fresh milk to customers' doorsteps in Tallapally, shadnagar - Chevella Road, was founded by kishore in 2013 with a herd of 20 cows. kishore started the business because he promised his son he would give customers pure milk, and he has kept his word.

The year-round demands of milking cows, packing milk, and guaranteeing its delivery are emphasised by Kishore. These tasks often required long hours without breaks. At first, it was difficult to locate enough labourers, but with perseverance, Sid's Farm overcame these difficulties and today produces enough milk to satisfy demand.

Sid's Farm is situated on 2.5 acres of land and includes a 4,000 square foot milk processing plant as well as a 1.5 acre model dairy farm. The farm works with other farmers and gives their cattle veterinary care. Sid's Farm currently has 200 employees working in a variety of positions. The organisation performs numerous tests every day to ensure the supply of milk of the highest quality. The milk is pasteurised, chilled, and then delivered directly to clients after passing the stringent testing.

Due to the ongoing demand for their product, kishore wants to increase milk output. The milk is tested every day based on 26 different factors. The milk at Sid's Farm is assured to be free of thickeners, preservatives, and antibiotics. Before it leaves the facility, it is thoroughly checked for five different types of antibiotics, hormones, and additives like urea, sugar, salt, glucose, hydrogen peroxide, melanin, gastric soda, formalin, and baking soda.

Sid's Farm contacts apartment complexes to engage with residents by providing free milk samples. Additionally, they arrange farm excursions so that clients may see how milk is produced and how quality checks are done. The farm upholds transparency, making sure that clients are aware of the place of origin and the processes used to produce their milk. This strategy has made a big contribution to developing a solid brand reputation.

Kishore recommends new business owners to start by selling milk in their neighbourhood. They might increase their operations if they have a market. In order to increase output, he collaborates with farmers to ensure product purity, implements adequate processing and packaging, engages in community marketing, and develops effective logistics for delivery.

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