Next year, when the andhra pradesh Reorganisation Act 2014 will have formally ended, more places in undergraduate and graduate programmes will be made available to residents of Telangana. Common admission was made available during the 2014 state split under Article 371 D of the Constitution for telangana and andhra pradesh for a ten-year period.

15% of the places for applicants to common entrance tests like the TS Eamcet were set aside for students from andhra pradesh and other states, leaving 85% of the seats for local applicants. andhra pradesh had the same treatment. telangana, on the other hand, will reach its tenth anniversary in 2024. The act will end, making it easier for more nearby students to apply.

The kcr government, represented by an official from the higher education institutions (HEIs), has the last say. "The government has a choice between two possibilities. Maintain the existing quo or raise the reserve quota from 85% to 95%, the official advised. Candidates may go through the certificate verification process from june 28 to July 6. Furthermore, from june 28 to July 8, you can practise your web options. On or before July 12, the tentative seat allocation will be made public. Candidates must submit their online self-reporting and tuition payments between July 12 and July 19.

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