Errabelli Dayakar Rao, a minister for panchayat raj, has stated that the state government is taking action to assist people from bc castes. Soon, eligible people who work in caste-based occupations would each receive a financial aid of Rs 1 lakh. On Monday, he made this declaration during an Athmeeya Sammelanam gathering in the Palakurthi constituency.

In his speech, minister Rao disclosed that 100 crore rupees had been set aside for a number of initiatives in the district. A degree college, community halls for each group, and the development of religious and historical sites are some of these projects. In Palakurthi, a degree-granting institution will be built at a cost of Rs 50 crore. Additionally, community halls will be built for Rs 5 lakh each, and Palakurthi's historic and religious landmarks will receive a thorough renovation costing Rs 50 crore.Palakurthi has already undergone 150 crore rupees worth of development.

A degree college will start operating in the forthcoming academic year as part of our continuous efforts, according to minister Rao. Present at the function, DCCB Chairman Marneni Ravinder Rao praised chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao for keeping every promise he made to the populace. He also expressed his gratitude for the quick progress made in the Palakurthi Constituency under minister Errabelli's leadership. Meanwhile, usha Dayakar Rao, the head of the Errabelli Trust, denied the claims made against her husband Dayakar Rao by several opposition party leaders over his educational background. minister Rao also lay the groundwork for the Pochamma temple's renovations as part of his tour and opened the Palakurthi "Vaikunthadhamam."

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