Telangana Petroleum Dealers Association (TPDA) has recommended its consumers to always have small amounts of cash on hand or to make digital payments at gas stations using UPI. Maintaining enough change reserves at petrol stations has become extremely difficult as a result of an increase in customers utilising Rs 2000 notes. The reserve bank of india (RBI) declared the removal of Rs 2000 notes from circulation on May 19. 

The opportunity for deposits or exchanges will remain open until september 30, 2023. TPDA has posted warnings at numerous petrol stations throughout the city asking customers to think about using accurate or acceptable denominations because they are running out on change. "We only accept and give out change from consumers. As a result, we are desperately short on change. Therefore, we ask for your cooperation by offering precise or reasonable note denominations or choosing digital payments in accordance with your purchase amount, according to a TPDA statement.

While TPDA makes every effort to provide consumers with the best possible service, the organisation makes it clear that it is unable to guarantee that every Rs 2000 note will be available for change. The message read, "We try to serve you in every way we can, but we are not responsible to give you change for every Rs 2000 note."

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