A day after a 16-year-old girl was fatally stabbed and beaten to death in a crowded street in northwest Delhi's Shahbad Dairy neighbourhood by her supposedly dumped lover, Sahil, the accused who is accused of the crime was detained by police for two days. Sahil repeatedly stabbed the woman, and on sunday night, he also hit her in the head with a granite slab.

On the other hand, fresh CCTV footage of the crime has gone popular on social media. Before killing Sakshi, the victim, Sahil is seen in the video chatting to a friend, whose name, according to NDTV, is Akash. The video clip shows Sahil talking to akash before leaving the scene while holding an unidentified object.

The victim, according to police accounts, was travelling to a friend's house for the birthday celebration. There, the suspect appeared to be holding out for Sakshi. The victim and the accused, 20-year-old Sahil, allegedly had an argument three days prior, according to the police. Sahil apparently confessed to the murder when being questioned by police and claimed that the end of his three-year relationship had distressed him.

"The girl had been dating Sahil since 2021, but recently, their relationship had become strained due to their frequent arguments over trivial issues. She finally stopped communicating with him and desired to sever all ties with him, but he kept pursuing her and sought a reconciliation, the officer claimed.

"more on Saturday, they got into a disagreement, which made their relationship more worse. This might have been the motivation for the murder, the officer continued. Sahil was taken into custody by the delhi police on monday in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. The violent killing was described as a "passion act" by the delhi police. "According to the facts available at this time, they were acquainted and got into a fight or split up. According to delhi police Special CP Dependra Pathak, the accused (Sahil) committed this kind of gruesome murder because of a personal vendetta.

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