7.44 crore bottles of beer were sold in telangana in May, breaking the previous record of 7.2 crore bottles in May 2019. Approximately 24 lakh beer bottles were sold per day in May, according to an estimate. According to officials, the State sells 30 lakh cartons of beer annually, with a little increase during the summer. However, May of last year was different. Beer sales were highest in the districts of Rangareddy, Karimnagar, and Nalgonda, while hyderabad alone accounted for roughly 40% of all beer consumption in the State.

In the state, there are seven breweries with a monthly installed capacity of 67 lakh cases of beer. The sale of beer has been rising consistently over the past ten years, with the exception of the two years of COVID-19. In telangana, beer sales have increased along with the mercury level, which is rising daily. A astounding 4.23 crore bottles of beer were sold in the State between May 1 and May 18, according to official figures, bringing in Rs 582.99 crore from the sale of beer alone during that time.

As the temperature continues to climb, excise authorities anticipate a further boost in beer sales over the following two weeks. In May, they anticipate that beer sales would surpass Rs 1,000 crore.

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