In a frightening incidence that just came to light, a 40-year-old lady from the andhra pradesh district of vijayanagaram was seen injecting her own daughter with an unknown substance in an effort to turn her into a heroine. The mother wished to turn her 15-year-old daughter into a heroine. She began injecting fluids into her daughter's body at the advice of one of her male partners. The effect was that the kid was sick a lot. She even begged her mother to refrain from doing it.

But the mother persisted in her horrible behaviour, and when the daughter was left with no choice but to approach the Child Welfare Commission, they swiftly changed the local authorities. The youngster was taken into the care unit by the local authorities, who are now treating her. The mother has been imprisoned and will soon be held accountable for her foolish actions in court. Evidently, the mother was persuaded by a guy who advised her to inject her daughter with unknown substances to cause specific body parts to enlarge, which would enable her quickly become a heroine.

Watch out this space for more updates in this regard.

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