Telangana has achieved a distinct position and is turning into the centre of attention and adoration in the nation, chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said on Sunday. Impressive progress has been seen in key industries during the last nine years. After dedicating the newly constructed Integrated district Offices Complex, the chief minister addressed a well-attended public gathering at nirmal and thanked the State's citizens, including elected officials and public employees, for their contributions to the accomplishment of its sponsored programmes and policies.

By all means, the success narrative should be kept up, and the growth pace should be maintained. According to him, several States are taking inspiration from telangana, which is well ahead of other states in all important growth metrics, and studying its model. He claimed that telangana was in the lead whether it came to per capita income or power consumption, making it the centre of attention. He also said that nirmal district's exceptional results in the SSC board exams amply illustrated the special attention paid to the education sector.

He praised educators, representatives from the education Department, the district administration, and political authorities, noting that their contributions had allowed nirmal to achieve the best pass rate in the State. The development of the municipalities of nirmal, Khanapur, and Mudhole would each get Rs. 25 crore from the chief minister, along with Rs. 20 lakh from each of the district's 19 revenue mandals for the purpose of carrying out development projects.

For administrative ease, the former adilabad district, which was infamous for epidemic outbreaks that coincided with the arrival of monsoons, was divided into four districts. people would no longer need to hurry to hyderabad for medical care with the construction of three additional medical colleges to the current one, giving them access to four super speciality hospitals.

He promised that a new engineering college will also be constructed in the former adilabad district in response to the suggestions made by local elected officials. The venue would shortly be chosen.

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