It is wonderful that india appears to be now waking up to the reality of the everyday workplace harassment women experience. A 42-year-old assistant manager and a 30-year-old sales manager of a real estate company, who are now accused of sexually harassing a front office executive by telling a female coworker she had a good figure and asking her out, recently had their requests for anticipatory bail denied by a mumbai sessions court. In two separate decisions, Judge AZ Khan said that the court had noted that there were other factors at play in the case and that an incarcerated questioning of the accused was crucial.

The two males were detained under Sections 354 for outraging a woman's modesty, 354A for sexual harassment, 354D for stalking, and 509 for a speech, gesture, or act designed to offend a woman's modesty after the lady reported the incident to the police on april 24. Aapne khudko bahut maintain rakha hai, Madam... This is our figure, right? Is it okay, ma'am, to say "mere saath bahar jaane ke baare mein kuch socha ki nahin"? (Madam, you have kept yourself up... Your physique is lovely. Have you considered going out with me?" the man asked the woman.

The woman complained at work before going to the police. In contrast to women in the past who had to grin and bear it all in order to maintain their jobs and advance in their careers, some believe that the woman is one of the fortunate few or perhaps a member of a rising group who can freely talk about sexual harassment in the workplace. Another group of internet users argue that it is unjust to disgrace males in public by taking such unimportant, inconsequential matters to court. Denial of bail is excessive, even if the case is brought before the courts. However, as more young women enter the industry, it is imperative that indians understand where to draw the line.

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