A statement on the situation was released after the 13th Corps Commander-level talks on the Ladakh standoff, explaining that india has asked the Chinese side to take appropriate steps in the remaining areas along the Line of Actual Control Area (LAC) in the Western Sector to restore peace and tranquillity. The indian side had provided helpful ideas for addressing the remaining issues, but china remained uncooperative and unable to make any forward-looking offers.

It seems to be that the PLA surprised the indian Army all along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh in the summer of 2020, occupying positions on or across the LAC, denying indian forces access to huge swaths of terrain they had previously patrolled.

After all, if the Chinese merely made unilateral "attempts" to change the status quo, it simply implies they were unsuccessful. But what does it mean to talk about "necessary actions" that the PLA needs to take if those Chinese "attempts" failed? What exactly is the "resolution of remaining regions" issue, or the "helpful recommendations" given by the indian side, which the Chinese have dismissed as "unreasonable and unrealistic"?

Some speculate that this is due to diplomatic concerns about naming and shaming the Chinese in the hopes of persuading them to back down. Others argue that governments must keep information about border concerns private.

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