Sarath Pawar, the leader of the nationalist congress party (NCP), has stated that agriculture rules would not have been overturned without the Uttar Pradesh elections. prime minister Narendra Modi has announced the abolition of three agriculture laws. Furthermore, he had stated that struggling farmers should give up their fight and return to their farming operations. Sarath Pawar, who visited reporters today in the maharashtra region of Satara, said,

Uttar Pradesh will hold elections soon. More states will hold legislative elections in the near future. According to the information we have, when the bjp visits the states where elections will be conducted, it is not well received, particularly in rural regions. The decision to remove agricultural laws was reached in this setting.

When asked about state bjp leader Chandrakanth Patil's claim that Maharashtra's administration would not endure even till the New Year, he responded, "In maharashtra, the ruling coalition would rule successfully for a full 5 years." Chandrakanth Patil is astrologer-like in his forecasts. The truth is rather different. In the guise of AV testing, political parties in non-BJP states are causing a crisis in the central government. Nothing will come out no matter how many raids they conduct or how thorough their investigations are. The public is well aware of the BJP's power misuse.

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