A comment made by a regular person on facebook asking why someone should vote for Jana Sena party leader and power star pawan kalyan went viral on social media. In the article, pawan kalyan was asked a number of queries by the average person. He enquired as to the chief of the Jana Sena's credibility. He questioned, "Why should someone vote for your party or another party as per your call?"

He questioned if pawan kalyan was deserving of the presidency. What qualifies you to ask the public for votes? Your outrageous dance moves in movies or your advanced education? Or the three most significant successes in your personal life?" he questioned. The average guy also made the point that by launching a political party, his brother had defrauded the populace. "You received benefits from the party as well. You have learned how to use politics to your advantage from the same party, he remarked. Additionally, he criticised pawan kalyan for his lack of consistency and devotion.

"Just as you can't stand still for even 10 minutes, your mind is unbalanced. He questioned, "How can people expect a steady government from you. The average person asked the Jana Sena leader what had become of the Common Man Protection Force that he had established under the praja rajyam administration. He questioned, "Do you think people should vote for you based on their perception of your celebrity as an actor and your paraphernalia? Additionally, he charged pawan kalyan with setting up a political party as a company in the course of covert transactions, then offering it for sale to others at a profit.

He claimed that the power star was an expert at deceiving people about who and why he was backing or opposing the opposition. He questioned, "How can anyone expect you to draw investments to andhra pradesh competing with global firms and singing international deals when you can't even respond to a reporter's question?" The average guy then asked a direct query: "Why should we believe you, Mr. Pawan? Why should someone vote for you even though you don't have any qualifications in this cutthroat environment when applicants are queried a thousand times about their qualifications before being given a job?

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