Kanumuru raghu Ramakrishna Raju, a maverick rebel YSRC mp from the narasapuram parliamentary district, has been forbidden entry into andhra pradesh under any circumstances, according to stringent directives provided to the police by chief minister Y S jagan Mohan Reddy. On Thursday, Raju allegedly made this claim. In a statement to media in New Delhi, he said, "I have received precise information from some party MPs that jagan firmly asked director General of police K v Rajendranath reddy not to allow me to walk into andhra pradesh under any circumstances."

The dissident mp claimed that shortly he was scheduled to attend the Law, Justice, and Public Grievances Committee of parliament meeting in Visakhapatnam. When the committee members approached the DGP with their request for authorization to make arrangements, he advised them to postpone the meeting if Raju would be present. He claimed that the DGP had forewarned the committee members that if he travelled to Visakhapatnam for the meeting, he would be jailed, embarrassing the whole group.

The narasapuram mp strongly objected to the DGP's conduct and asked harsh action be taken against the police for violating his fundamental rights. Raju claimed that the jagan government was deliberately harming inter-state ties by delaying his admission into the state and threatening to have him arrested if he did. He pondered the chief minister's possible objections to visiting his own parliamentary district. The mp questioned, "Why can't I go to my own constituency when jagan, who is dealing with a number of cbi cases, can go to switzerland and paris without any restrictions?"

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